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Welcome to Money For College Now Website

MoneyFor College Now.com is a website dedicated to helping students and families get money for college and to educate them on how to lessen the burden of debt in their lives during the college years and for the rest of their lives. This site is not only for students looking to go to college but anyone who is looking for financial advice and guidance as it is our mission to help America become debt free and show them how anyone can live a debt free life.

On this site you will find information and knowledge from personal experiences of the founders and from individuals whose lives we have helped and changed. You will find information that you will not find in text books and is NOT taught in our school systems; information that we believe can and will change your life for the better.

MoneyForCollegeNow.com was founded by Charles Nguyen, who emigrated from Vietnam to the U.S.A. in 1980 at the age of 11. Charles has faced many financial challenges in his life and was able to pull himself up out of the pits of bankruptcy, foreclosure, credit cards and was able to overcome all obstacles and over $300,000 in debts.

His belief is that if he can do it, anyone can, even you.

His mission is to help you do the same, no matter what your financial situation is and what problems you may be facing personally or financially, anyone can become debt free with the right tools, knowledge and support and it is Charles’ hope that you will find some of these essential tools on this website.

Below is a quick bio about Charles to give you a little glimpse of the man behind this great, informative website and the man who wants to help your child (student) to get money for college and to help you and your children to not only become debt free, but to live debt free for the rest of your lives.

Charles’ Nguyen Bio

My Vision:
• I believe the greatest gift we can give our children is to help them prepare for life and pursuit their dream.
• One of the most critical things for children to learn and not taught well in school is having a strong Financial Education Foundation.
• My gift to the world is to empower family with the financial education, tools, and resources to make smarter money decision toward their journey to have a Debt Free, Financial Freedom Future…ultimately to strengthen Family Unity.

My Life Purpose:
• To inspire and empower people to be and do what matter most…all in serving God

My Background:
• Born in Vietnam and immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1980 when he was 11 years old
• Have been through bankruptcy, foreclosure, credit card debts, but was able to get the house back and overcame over $300,000 in debts.
• Have a spiritual awakening that reason I had to go through financial hardship is so I can have the compassion for what people have been going through and develop the resources to help the struggling family through this economy.
• For over 20 years, dedicated to unravel the secrets of building and protecting wealth and been working in various aspects of financial services

How To Fund The College Of Your Dreams!

My Book:

Theme: How family unity affects the way they manage money and how the way family manage their money affect their family unity.

• How to pay for college without getting into student loan debts, the coming rising debt issue.
• How student can financially succeed in college without getting into credit card debts.
• How student prepare financially for life and fund their dreams.
• How parents should work together with their children to survive and prosper in this economy, creating stronger family unity and financial future.