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A Debt Free Student Creates A Debt Free Family

As a parent, you only want the very best for your children. You want to provide them with every opportunity to succeed. You want to provide them with a college education.

Obtaining a college education is simply expected in today’s workforce. Even if a graduate ends up working in a field other than the degree they earned, the expectation of a college degree is always there.

While your heart is in the right place, too many families compromise their financial security in order to send their kids to school. They take on second jobs, mortgage their homes, and draw from their retirement fund. Even then, many students walk away with decade’s worth of student loan debt.

But What If I Told You There Was Another Way?

What if I told you:

• 95% of families are chasing after 5% of the available Federal Aid, Pell Grants and Scholarships.

• There is over $100 billion dollars available annually to help students pay for college.

• A private college that you may disregard due to their high tuition may be your least expensive choice.

• A student with a “C” average and a well-rounded set of interests may qualify for more free money than a “straight A” student.

• Colleges have a student profile they are looking to enroll, so finding the school that your student “matches” may not only increase your odds of receiving free money, but is more likely to provide them with a more meaningful college experience.

• Even if you think you make too much money to qualify for financial aid, there are ways to properly present your financial picture to the school which will improve your access to endowment money, which does not have to be repaid.

What your high school college counselors NOT to be expected to do.

Many parents and students mistakenly believe the high school counselor is going to show the student how to get money to pay for college. Their role is to prepare your student academically for the rigors of college life and to guide them in locating potential colleges. Finding the resources to pay for college, however, is not their responsibility. That lies squarely on the shoulders of the student and their parents. This is where the Money for College Now process can open opportunities you may not even know about.

Colleges Have Massive Endowment Funds

95% of the “free” money available for college education is made available through endowment funds directly from the colleges themselves. Former student and their parents, successful community members and other supporters of your chosen college have given generously over the years to help their college attract the best and brightest candidates to their campus. It’s not their role to teach you how to get these resources so that is where Money For College Now can assist!

Endowment funds do not have the stereotypical requirements students are used to—such as a high GPA or high SAT score. Instead, they are awarded to students who the school feels are a well-rounded addition to their college and to those students who know the process and are willing to do the things required to earn these awards.

For example, a student with a “B” or “C” average, who is active in their community and active in their extracurricular activities may qualify for endowment funds instead of a “straight A” student with little more to show for themselves. They may even grant free money to student whose career goals are aligned with what the school has to offer.

In fact, most of the free money available for higher education is made available on a first come basis to those who know and follow the process to earn these awards. Let us show you how to be first!

You Will Still Have To Save For College

While the amount of free money out there is substantially more than most parents and students realize, you will still have to save for college and the sooner you start the better. This is especially true if you have several children to send to college.

At Money For College Now, we will work with you to as much free money you can—but you don’t miss the opportunity to set aside money for each of student’s college education. If you still have time.

Whether your student was just born or is already in college Money for College Now can help you get on the path to successful planning and funding higher education.

Financial qualifications for college change every year!

Money For College now is founded by Financial Advisor Charles Nguyen. Charles specializes in financial planning for college, and is the author of How to Fund the College of Your Dream.  

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